Are we in trouble now Letra

Mark Knopfler

El tema "Are we in trouble now" interpretado por Mark Knopfler pertenece a su disco "Golden Heart". La letra de la canción "Are we in trouble now" fue publicada el 1 de enero de 1996 con su vídeo musical.

Are we in trouble now lyrics

It wasn't just the music
it wasn't just the wine
some other kind of magic
was sending up my spine
then i was falling
and i fell for you, and how
darling, are we in trouble now
They say we're grown up
but we've been searching all this time
i wouldn't own up
never would admit to flying blind
but in the darkness
[ De: ]
we found each other anyhow
darling, are we in trouble now
When we'd talk it over
love was a cry from a distant shore
then we found each other
and all that we'd been searching for
And i'm done denying
i guess by now you know
i'm through with trying
can't bring myself to let you go
and of all these feelings
we said we never would allow
darling, are we in trouble now
Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler

Are we in trouble now

Enero, 1996
45.748 vistas

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Artista: Mark Knopfler
Canción: Are we in trouble now
Duración: 05:55
Estreno: Enero, 1996
Vistas: 45.748
Álbum: Golden Heart
Etiquetas: classic rock, mark knopfler, folk rock, adult contemporary, rock

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